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Talking Point – Wayne Locke

Written by admin on . Posted in news

A lot has been written about the threats facing the environment – but there’s another endangered species much closer to home. I am, of course, talking about the property sector…

The dominant creatures which were once free to roam our Central Business Districts, grazing on the finest produce from the tallest trees, now lead a very different existence, relying on their wits and the occasional low hanging fruit for survival.

Take the once open-doored banker, now as rare as the lesser spotted woodpecker. In 2007 they were notable for their shiny white smiles and bottomless wallets, most often to be found beating the rough with new clubs or entertaining large groups in wine bars.

One of the most tragic incidences of species decline has been in property law, with a significant fall in numbers of the proactive conveyancer. A diligent breed that would instinctively seek and recommend solutions to technical or legal problems, delivering complex transactions without having one eye flicking back and forth between its Rolex and the firm’s scale of hourly fee rates.

They are just a few of dozens of species who have been forced from their lofty perch by a chain of unnatural disasters triggered by the collapse of the banking industry.  As the dust settles, a new tier of beings, like the parsimonious tightwad, a species of bottom feeding investors, push their predecessors to even further down the food chain.

These remain alien times for a large number of property professionals, but as we stand here today very few of our colleagues have actually become extinct. If we are to restore our eco-system to some form of normality, then we can only do so by seeking proactive advice, refusing to accept anything less than productive, cost and time efficient services.

The market is challenging but with the right consultants, advisers and associates, there is certainty that the fittest will survive.

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