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  • Home to a vibrant mix of businesses, from start-ups and SMEs to global brands.

  • The perfect connected business space.

  • Ultrafast broadband at up to 1 Gbps, with high capacity upload and download capabilities.

  • 400,000 sq ft of quality accommodation, from 100 sq ft office units to 77,000 sq ft stand-alone premises.

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Data Centre

On-site AIMES Grid Services is an innovation-led technology company that provides Data Centre and Internet services including, Cloud and Business Continuity services, to public and private sector organisations.

121015-AIMES-PIC-DC2Pod1121015-AIMES-PIC-DC2PowerRoomCreated with Nokia Smart Cam


  • Colocation and server hosting
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet Service Provision
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity


  • DC1 Baird House: 6,000 sq ft – Management Hub, NOC & High Density Data Centre.
  • DC2 Kilby House: 35,000 sq ft – Intelligent, Energy Efficient Data Centre Facility
  • Business Continuity Centre: 8,000 sq ft – 50 workplace recovery seats


  • ISO27001 Certified Data Centres
  • Onsite 24/7 security controlled access to the technology park
  • 3m high secure perimeter
  • Constant CCTV surveillance
  • Multi-layered physical entry restrictions to each data centre


    • Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable, with 2N resiliency on the power infrastructure and N+1 on all other components. 
    • Multiple carriers onsite
    • AIMES internet transit with BGP failover
    • Multiple utility power feeds to ensure no single point of failure.
    • Multiple on-site substations
    • UPS protection on all power to racks
    • Diesel generators to cover any power surge or power system failure.
    • Minimum N+1 resilience on chilled water cooling system

Call 0151 224 7666 or click here to contact a member of the team today for more information.

LIP_circle Tel: +44 (0) 151 261 4650
Liverpool Innovation Park, Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 9NJ, UK
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